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Solar Panel & Battery Installations

Are you interested in Solar Panels and battery storage for your home or business? 

Solar Panel installation is one of the most efficient and cost-effective renewable energy sources. It is also one of the safest and most reliable renewable energy sources.

Blue Tech Electrical offer a range of Solar Panel and battery storage installation services for homes and businesses across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.  

Accredited under the Micro-generation Certification Scheme (MCS), our team will work with you to design, install and maintain a solar system that meets your needs and budget.  We are also accredited Tesla Powerwall installers.
Our team will visit your property to complete a free site survey. We can then provide an estimate of immediate and long term energy savings and a final no-obligation quote.  

For further information do give us a call or email and we will be happy to discuss your requirements or answer any questions you have. You can also find out more in our helpful FAQ below. The Energy Saving Trust also has helpful information on benefits of installing Solar Panels.

To discuss your requirements, or for a free, no obligation quotation, contact us today on
01480 589179 or 07985 742493 or you can email

We work with a wide range of Solar Panel and Battery Storage manufacturers including the following:


Blue Tech Electrical work across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. Areas covered include: Huntingdon, Peterborough, Cambridge, St Neots, St Ives, Alconbury, Brampton, Buckden, Hemmingfords, Sawtry, Stilton, Stamford, Oundle, Market Deeping, Cambourne and Papworth.

Solar Panels & Battery Storage - FAQS

We understand installing Solar Panels is a significant investment. Blue Tech Electrical offer Solar Panel installation for properties and businesses in Cambridge, Peterborough, Huntingdon, St Neots, Stamford, St Ives, Ely and all surrounding areas. 

Our team will visit your property to complete a free site survey. We can then provide a comprehensive design, showing the predicted generation, savings and a final no-obligation quote. 

Here are some of the most common questions we are asked.

How much is the average Solar Panel installation?

The average domestic solar panel system is 4kWp and costs around £5000. Costs depend on roof, size, access and your preferred choice of solar panel. Contact us today for a free no obligation survey and quotation. We cover all areas of Cambridgeshire, Peterborough, Huntingdon and South Lincolnshire.

How much is the average Solar Panel and Battery Storage installation?

Our most popular solar panel and battery system is 4kWp with 10kwh of battery storage and costs around £9500. Costs depend on roof, size, access and your preferred choice of solar panel. Contact us today for a free no obligation survey and quotation. We cover all areas of Cambridgeshire, Peterborough, Huntingdon and South Lincolnshire.

How much will Solar Panels save me?

Your quotation will take into account panel performance, inverter performance, shading, roof pitch, roof orientation and your local weather data to calculate how much electric you will generate and your potential savings.

You can also find out how much you could save by using the Energy Saving Trust’s Solar Energy Calculator.

How much will Battery Storage save me?

By saving up excess solar generation during the day battery storage can substantially increase the amount of solar energy you can utilise. Having battery storage also allows you to fully utilise various electricity tariffs which allow you to top up your batteries during the night from cheaper mains electricity.


Will I get paid for my excess solar generation?

Yes, as an MCS approved contractor Blue Tech Electrical will provide you with all the required documentation to get paid for your excess solar generation. There are a wide range of tariffs available ranging from around 2p per kWh up to around 20p per kWh.

How much roof space do I need for Solar Panels?

Solar Panels can be fitted to your roof or on your land. The average 3.6kWp installation should easily fit on the roof of an average 3-bed semi. However, we can accommodate much smaller or larger systems than this to suit your needs and roof space.


Does my house have to be south facing for Solar Panels?

No. Solar Panels work well on any roof facing South, SE or SW. Although your Solar Panels will perform better and produce more electricity if they are South facing, they will still perform at 86% (compared to South facing) either facing due East or West and 55% facing north.


Do I need constant sunshine for my Solar Panels to work?

No, Solar Panels will still generate electricity in all daylight conditions, including cloudy and rainy days.


Do I need permission to install a solar PV system?

Solar panels are considered ‘permitted developments’ and often don’t require planning permission. If you live in a listed building, conservation area or national park, additional restrictions may apply.


Could I charge my electric car from solar panels?

If you have an electric car, or are considering one, being able to charge it for free, reducing your fuel costs is possibly the biggest benefit on offer. Please inform us if you are looking to power both your home and electric car with solar energy as this may require a larger solar panel system.

How do Solar Panels connect to the electrical supply in my home?

The electricity produced by your Solar Panels is converted from DC (direct current) by the inverter to AC (alternating current), which your home is run on. The electricity is then taken from the inverter via an AC cable to your distribution board, where it is used to power the circuits in your home and any excess is exported to the grid, you can also apply to receive payment for any exported electricity.

Which brands of Solar Panels do you provide?

Your Solar Panel choice will usually combine a number of factors including aesthetics, value for money, performance, track record and guarantees. Blue Tech Electrical know the market and can advise you on the panels that will suit your needs and budget.


Will My Solar Installation come with a guarantee?

Yes, your inverter, panels and batteries, will all come with a manufacturers guarantee. Different manufacturers offer different guarantees, the majority of inverters and batteries we supply carry a 10 year warranty and the majority of solar panels we supply come with a 25 year performance warranty. Your overall installation will also come with and Insurance Backed Guarantee for additional peace of mind. 

How long does it take to install Solar Panels?

Most domestic Solar Panel installations take no more than a day with minimum disruption. Normally, the scaffolding will be erected a couple of days before our Blue Tech Electrical Solar Panel installation team arrive. We will then mount the panels on the roof and install the inverter, finally carrying out the internal wiring. Installation timescales will be included in your final quotation.


Do I have to clean the Solar Panels?

Solar panels are generally self-cleaning if positioned at an angle of over 15 degrees. However it is advised to visually inspect them annually and rinse if necessary. Most window-cleaning companies have a reach-and-wash system and should be able to clean your panels.


Do Solar Panels require regular maintenance?

It is recommended that your Solar Panels and inverter are checked and serviced every 2 years.  Blue Tech can advise on maintenance required.

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