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Why should I choose a MCS Certified Solar Installer?

Blue Tech Electrical are MCS certified for the installation of Solar Panels.

MCS is an industry-led quality assurance scheme, which demonstrates the quality and reliability of approved products and installation companies.

MCS certification is a mark of quality and demonstrates compliance to industry standards.

  • A commitment to quality workmanship

  • Commitment to customer care

  • Demonstrate competency

  • Committing to continual improvement through the deployment of an effective management system

In order to become an MCS accredited installer, you must pass a rigorous assessment, as well as completing annual audits to ensure standards don’t slip. Being an MCS accredited Solar PV installer, is a demonstration of Blue Tech Electrical’s commitment towards quality installations and compliance. The MCS certification gives our customers trust in the competence and expertise of our Solar Panel installers.

If you live in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and are looking for a qualified and certified electrical company to carry out your solar panel or energy saving installations then please contact us today for

Visit our Solar Panel webpage to find out more. Here you will also find helpful FAQs for some of the most common questions customers ask us.


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