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Thinking about Solar Panels for your home or business?

There has been a huge increase in demand for solar panels across Cambridge, Huntingdon and Peterborough over the past year. Here at Blue Tech Electrical we've put together this handy guide to help you decide if a solar PV panel installation is right for you.

Is my home or business suitable?

The first thing you need to determine when considering a solar PV panel installation is whether your roof is suitable. This includes considering the age and strength of your roof as solar panels are heavy. Ideally your roof will be south facing but a successful solar panel installation can be achieved on a roof that is either south-east or south-west facing. If you are unsure please do get in touch and we can advise whether a solar PV installation is right for you.

The Energy Saving Trust also has helpful information on benefits of installing Solar Panels.

Next steps...

Your next decision will be what solar PV panel system to select and we can talk you through the options based on your needs.

Our team will visit your property to complete a free site survey. We can then provide an estimate of immediate and long term energy savings and a final no-obligation quote. We can also advise on additional technology you may wish to consider such as a solar battery storage system that works alongside your PV panels to provide greater energy efficiency and savings.

Installation process

Once agreed we’ll get your installation booked in. If scaffolding is required this will be arranged ahead of the installation. The installation process usually takes 1-3 days and you will be without power for a couple of hours during this time. Once installed, we’ll get you connected to the grid and get you up and running. We will talk you through any necessary maintenance and provide you with all the relevant documentation.

And that is it, your solar PV panel will be up and running!

If you are interested in generating your own energy and making savings on your energy bill, then please contact Blue Tech Electrical on 07985 742493 or email


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