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Battery Storage – the lowdown

Are you considering a solar battery storage installation? A solar battery storage system allows you to store the energy your solar panels generate for use later. This offers greater energy efficiency benefits for your home and savings on your energy bills.

With ever increasing energy prices and the end of the government feed in tariff, a solar battery storage installation has never made more sense. Blue Tech Electrical are experienced solar battery storage installers in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. Our fully qualified, highly trained team of solar energy electricians can provide you with all the information you need to help you decide on the solar battery storage solution that is right for you.

Benefits of a Solar Battery Storage Installation

A solar battery storage installation is a great addition to the solar panel system on your Peterborough home and comes with a range of benefits:

  • Reduce your energy bills – A solar panel installation will significantly reduce your energy usage during daylight hours. Unfortunately, it is the evenings that see most households’ energy usage spike. By installing a solar battery storage system alongside your solar panels, you will be able to utilise the excess energy you generated whenever you need it.

  • Cleaner Energy - Solar panels help you to be less reliant on fossil fuel generated power. Your solar battery storage system helps you use all the clean, green power you generate, moving you towards a carbon neutral future.

  • Smart Technology – Solar battery systems come equipped with smart technology that allows you to monitor both the efficiency of your solar power system and your energy usage. You can better control your energy use and clearly see any areas that you may wish to adjust.

  • Energy Independence – Did you know some solar battery storage systems can continue to power your home during a power cut? No need to sit in the dark thanks to your independent solar energy supply. Many homeowners will opt for this additional capability for their solar battery storage installation.

Can Solar Battery Storage be added to my existing Solar Panel System?

This is a question we are frequently asked by Peterborough homeowners with an existing solar panel installation. The answer is quite simply, yes. An existing solar panel installation can be upgraded quite easily by an experienced solar electrician. Some solar panel systems will be immediately compatible with solar battery storage whilst others will require a new inverter to be installed. Our experienced electricians at Blue Tech Electrical can advise you of the suitability of your current system and let you know if any extra work is required.

Choosing a Solar Battery Storage System

Solar batteries come with a wide range of additional features. Blue Tech Electricals friendly electricians will share their expertise and help you to decide which features best suit your needs. We are fully qualified solar electricians, not salespeople. You can rely on us to give professional advice and not the hard sell. We will discuss options for battery capacity, lifecycle and added technology. The number of options can seem overwhelming, but our experts will guide you through the process. We will advise you which products best suit your household needs, energy usage and budget.

If you are looking for a qualified and experienced solar energy electrician in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough to perform a solar battery storage installation, then call Blue Tech Electrical today. Our friendly, professional and reliable electricians will be happy to answer all your questions.

Saving energy and being energy efficient have become hot topics.

With ever increasing energy costs, more people than ever are looking for energy saving tips. If you would like to make some energy efficient decisions about the electrical equipment in your home, Blue Tech Electrical are here to help. These are the top energy saving tips from your local electrician.

Energy Saving Electric Heating

Electric heaters can be expensive to run in comparison to traditional gas-powered central heating systems. However, there are still some energy saving options for the electric heating in your home. Not all electric heaters are created equal. Panel heaters and heating that relies on convection currents is going to be an expensive option. The heat they generate is easily lost with the natural movement of air in your home. It is best to choose a heater that uses radiant energy, they will always be more energy efficient and economical. Storage heaters are the prime example of an energy saving electric heater. They are designed to take advantage of low-cost energy rates overnight to charge. They then release the heat they generated over the course of the day. Blue Tech Electricals’ qualified electricians can advise you on which electric heating option would be best for your home.

Energy Saving Lighting

A great way to cut energy consumption is to switch to LED lighting. LED lighting uses a fraction of the energy that traditional lamps do. You can power an average houses’ lighting using LED lights with the same energy used by one standard GLS lightbulb! LED lightbulbs have a lengthy lifespan, up to ten times as long as halogen bulbs, so you will make some saving there too. Blue Tech Electrical, Peterborough can supply and install new energy saving LED light fittings to help you keep your bills under control.

Energy Saving through Solar Power

Many Cambridgeshire and Peterborough homes now have a solar panel installation. Solar panels provide immediate energy savings. But have you considered adding solar battery storage to your solar panel installation? Solar battery storage can help to reduce your energy bills even further. A solar battery storage system will allow you to store the excess energy you generate during daylight hours. You can then draw on this stored energy when you need it in the evening. You will become less reliant on the grid and your energy bills will reflect this. Our experienced solar electricians at Blue Tech Electrical will be happy to discuss all your solar energy needs and can design and install a system that offers you greater energy independence.

Blue Tech Electrical are your reliable, local based electricians. Our experienced and fully qualified electricians are on hand to help, whatever your electrical needs. Call our friendly team and see how we can help you become more energy efficient today.


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